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Defijn was tasked with the strategic repositioning of the brand, a new visual identity, social media plan and a complete redesign and development of their public facing website that can carry them through the next phase of their growth.

Aviro Health is a med-tech company that is revolutionising selfcare. They have developed the Aviro Pocket Clinic that assists people through self-care for diseases including HIV and Diabetes. The Pocket Clinic provides semi-automated digital counselling and linkages to services for patients, in order to drive health-worker verified improvements in health. For instance, Aviro has had considerable success helping people to self-test for HIV, supported by WhatsApp chatbots and/or web/apps, and take the appropriate next steps based on the results. This software also helps healthcare workers keep track of patient records, initiate care and maintain patient relationships.

For the branding exercise we worked on a full brand strategy first, re-establishing Aviro Health’s overall Brand Foundation with a view to ensuring that they are recognisable at scale with both patients and providers. Once we had a clear understanding of Aviro Health’s brand positioning, core values and tone of voice as empathetic and smart care providers, we were able to tackle the visual identity. We started off by doing some vision boards, various hand drawn logo directions and refined the options until we got the final Aviro logo seen below.

The Aviro Health logo design speaks to humanity and empathy, two of the core values behind Aviro Health. Two figures in the logo, holding each other hand-in-hand creates a sense of empathy and togetherness. We also reworked the colours, offering more vibrance and contrast, the new palette is bold and clear and undeniably striking and memorable. The Orange spot colour works well to highlight important details, while the primary Turquoise and Purple speak to the tone of the Aviro Health brand, allowing for easy recognition.

We also designed abstract illustrations using organic shapes, and paired these with simple iconography that can be seen throughout the website, app and social media. The aim was to create a robust visual language that can be used in all types of media, both online and for print.

For the website we did the UX Design, Copywriting, UI Design, Motion Graphics and Development. The site is built using Webflow using a custom configured CMS that allows Aviro Health to have complete control over updating and maintaining their site. We also incorporated micro interactions and rich motion graphics to add more visual interest, which can be seen on the Aviro site here.

We love the flexibility and versatility the final brand design offers Aviro Health, which is now more recognisable and engaging to millions and while also communicating Aviro’s core values across various platforms. We highly value projects that we can see through from start to finish. From branding, to social media, to website design and development, this has been an excellent partnership with lovely results. Thank you to the Aviro Health team for trusting us with your new brand identity.

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